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Palette Knife is a palette creation tool which allows both programmers and artists alike to build colour palettes, organise/combine existing colours and form new palettes.

  • Improved UI
  • Palette import from LOSPEC URL's
  • Export Palette as Gradient (Amiga Copper Style)
  • Multi-Directional Gradient Ramps
  • Microsoft RIFF / PaintShop Pro JASC Palette files supported 
  • ZX Next RGB333 supported
  • Bit Depth can be set from RGB111 up to RGB888
  • Auto Bit Depth Remap on Palette Load
  • 6 Workable Palettes On-Screen at all times
  • Export 8-bit BMP Image of the Palette Grid
  • Brush Mode to Grab Palette colours
  • Copy colours from Palette to Palette
  • Rotate and X/Y Flip Palette Colours


  • Code and Pixels
    : Zingot
  • Various Palettes
    : AAP
    : Arne
    : Dawnbringer
    : Endesga
    : Fleja
    : Flyguy
    : GrafxKid
    : April Sundae
    : Pinetree Pizza
    : Lux
    : Formal Prejudice
    : Sunset Moth
    : MortMort
    : Purple Fruit
    : Zughy
    : Nauris
    : Kerrie Lane
    : PixelJoint
    : Smalls
    : Reo
    : Windfall Apples
    : Yahkehbu
    : RealJuice
    : Polyducks
    : Arilyn
    : Phot0n
    : Vinik
    : Lospec Colab.
    : Luis Miguel Maldonado
    : Vine2D
    : Slynyrd

Palettes downloaded from : https://lospec.com


web:  https://zingot.com
mail: zingotgames@gmail.com

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Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, gamedev, palette, Pixel Art, tool


Buy Now£2.50 GBP or more

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Palette Knife 3 MB

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Is there any other payment method? My payment always fails.

No idea why but I'm using a standard itch.io method???

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This is a really sweet tool, but I can't open .pal files that work in other software.
UPDATE: I tried to open a PAL file I downloaded from lospec and it did not work (perhaps I modified the file at one point). But, the PAL I wanted ended up already being included with the download file, so I got what I needed afterall :-)


Yeh it's the Microsoft palette format that it accepts, it doesn't check headers or anything to determine other palette types. I should probably look into this. Glad you found your required palette anyway though lol.


Now supports JASC / RIFF palette format ;)

WOO can't wait to give it a shot!


It's not a bad tool, I like what I'm seeing so far. I'd love to have the ability to punch in hex codes or be able to manually punch in RGB/CMYK color codes. As fiddling around with the scales can be a bit time-consuming.


I'll definitely take this into consideration for a future build :-)

Thanks. :)

You need to agree to the new terms and conditions to get a business paypal from which you can receive payment. Please make this buy-able.

Thank you for the heads-up Joel. I think this has now been done 😋